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We feel that the key to marketing is being able to see the world from your customer's perspective. When you focus on your customer, you begin to uncover the things they truly value and the way they make purchasing decisions. Customer perceptions are the key to finding the right media mix for your business and writing exceptionally compelling copy.

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An Ad Agency Built By Small Business

Literally. Our business model was shaped using feedback from small business owners.

(Psst...Marketing 101 - Know Your Audience)

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With that said, our customer is YOU. We built our business model to directly address issues small business owners had with their web design and marketing providers. This afforded us the opportunity to provide a service that is focused specifically for small to mid-sized businesses.


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Having your marketing material designed by a true professional with several years experience is such a valuable asset.

We leave the tech jargon behind and state things in ways that business people understand. Our contracts are easy to read, straightforward and transparent - the way contracts should be!

From the time we offer a quote to the time we deliver the bill, we keep you in the loop so you know exactly what to expect and exactly where we're at cost-wise.

Other marketing companies proudly proclaim that they are full of geeks and nerds. We don't have time for that and neither do you. Oppold Creative is marketing by business people for business people. Period, End of story.